From Professor of Geology
to an immortal cannibal
hunting people for dinner
and being hunted by his
unfinished meals

Professor Luke Tanner was trapped in a cave in 1829 with his friend and fellow professor John Bellmont, whom he fed off of until their rescue.

In the cave Luke and John were immersed in water dripping from the roots of the Resurrection Plant.  Bacteria from the plant had mutated over time, and when introduced into the bodies of Luke and John gave them regeneration abilities, and immortality. 

There after, everyone bitten was also contaminated and gained immortality unless too much had been eaten.

John chases Luke with the intent to kill him and stop the spread of the cannibalism.  There are three cannibals, Jewel, Todd, and Debra, who are tracking Luck with John.


Luke Tanner is a professor of geology, and the

John Bellmont is Luke's fellow professor  friend,
     first victim, and primary nemesis who is trying to
     stop him.

Jewel Handly is Luke's first victim and the primary
     organizer of a team of three cannibals dedicated to
     stopping him.

David Styles is the third member of the team,
     and former military.

The rejuvenating substance " B-14c " is produced by
     the bacteria which lives in the Resurrection Plant
     and bugs in the cave. The bacteria is passed from
     person to person when they are bitten through
     saliva or blood transfer
unless too much is eaten
     for them to survive.
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Robert Evan Howard